Experimental high-dimensional Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger entanglement with superconducting transmon qutrits


Multipartite entanglement is one of the core concepts in quantum information science with broad applications that span from condensed matter physics to quantum physics foundations tests. Although its most studied and tested forms encompass two-dimensional systems, current quantum platforms technically allow the manipulation of additional quantum levels. We report the first experimental demonstration of a high-dimensional multipartite entangled state in a superconducting quantum processor. We generate the three-qutrit Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state by designing the necessary pulses to perform high-dimensional quantum operations. We obtain the fidelity of 76±1%, proving the generation of a genuine three-partite and three-dimensional entangled state. To this date, only photonic devices have been able to create and manipulate these high-dimensional states. Our work demonstrates that another platform, superconducting systems, is ready to exploit high-dimensional physics phenomena and that a programmable quantum device accessed on the cloud can be used to design and execute experiments beyond binary quantum computation.

Physical Review Applied 17, 024062 (2022).
Alba Cervera-Lierta
Alba Cervera-Lierta
Senior Researcher

Quantum Computing scientist.