Maximal Entanglement. Applications to Quantum Computation and Particle Physics


In this talk, several aspects regarding maximal entanglement are analyzed. First, I analyze how maximal entanglement is generated at its fundamental level. Maximal entanglement constraints the QED vertex interaction and predicts a value for the weak mixing angle close to the experimental value. Second, I focus on the simulation of the XY model in a quantum computer. The quantum circuit obtained is tested in three current quantum devices. Quantum computers must be able to generate and hold highly entangled states in order to show a quantum advantage. This statement is analyzed at the end, where quantum circuits for maximally entangled states are presented.

Mar 1, 2019
Matterlab group meeting
Toronto, ON, Canada

Based on the references:

Alba Cervera-Lierta
Alba Cervera-Lierta
Postdoctoral fellow

Quantum Computing scientist.